choose a valley pivotHigher and better return on investment

  • The long life of a pivot or lateral system will save you money year after year. You’ll use less water, reducing your energy costs. A pivot or lateral system also applies chemicals and fertilizers evenly, accurately and inexpensively. All this adds up to consistently higher yields.
  • A pivot or lateral system costs less per acre (hectare) to install. For example, a drip system costs over 200% more than a pivot system to install on 125 acres (50 hectares). On larger fields, the cost difference is even greater.
  • Pivot systems also retain a high resale value, whereas drip systems cannot be resold.

Fewer maintenance hassles and labour costs

  • Compared to a drip system, maintenance is extremely simple for pivot and lateral systems. There is no emitter clogging by small contaminants or lime/calcium deposits, and no filter maintenance – it requires only a screened intake.
  • Rodents, roots and cultivation equipment won’t damage a centre pivot system. Even algae and chemicals aren’t issues. Drip systems need to be monitored regularly because problems may be hard to pinpoint, arise quickly, and prove difficult to fix. The potential of salt build up at the perimeter of wetted area is another concern. When crops draw water up into the root zone, the water evaporates, leaving salt around the roots – which can interfere with the ability to absorb water.

More benefits for the grower and the environment

  • A pivot/lateral system can be monitored and controlled remotely. A grower can quickly apply water after seeding and as often as needed after that. It’s also easier on the field. If the equipment needs to be removed or replaced, it won’t damage the field.