For LINE SHAFT turbine pumps and submersible pumps to get water to the surface or to the storage point, they require a pipe or column for the water to flow up in. For LINE SHAFT turbine pumps there are two types of column, Water or oil lubricated.

For WATER LUBRICATED line shaft pumps, the pup shaft sits in the centre of the column, supported in a bearing support bracket with ‘rubber’ bearings which are water lubricated.

For OIL LUBRICATED line shaft pumps, there is an oil column centrally installed inside the main water column and the shaft sits within that oil column which in turn has the bearing support brackets for the ‘bronze’ type oil lubricated bearings to suit the various pump shaft diameters. The pumped water flows up the main column and is separated from the oil via the inner Oil column.

For a SUBMERSIBLE PUMP, the column, not requiring any shaft is straight forward, multiple pipe sections bolted together. Today an alternative to the flange metal riser column could be a flexible riser hose.