A generator is used to power the motors that drive the wheels of a centre pivot allowing it to operate and move in a circular motion. A generator is placed in the centre of the Centre Pivot and is connected to a controller. The generator will start first, either by timer or by telemetry then the centre pivot will begin pumping the water and the irrigation process will begin.

At Vermeeren Bros and Irrigation Industries we will size and specify the right unit for the job, matching the correct size engine for run-load to an oversized alternator to handle high starting current. By sizing the generator for the exact application, you can be assured of low fuel consumption and a longer engine life.

We will aid you in decision making to assure that you select a generator that is reliable, high performance and has high durability equipment so that it can provide uninterrupted power throughout the irrigation process. Considering that the irrigation process is usually a prolonged process that requires several hours of use per day, the best alternative is to opt for a diesel generator of continuous power, since this type of equipment can run uninterrupted for long periods of time.