The most important feature of filters is that they protect your irrigation systems. Filters should be able to prevent contaminants and clogging so that water is delivered as planned and your crops stay healthy. Filters must be optimised for your water conditions and flow rates. Most of all, they need to give you the confidence that your irrigation investment is secure. The filters we stock come with a wide range of different specification and features, each one is designed to address whatever challenges you’re dealing with, from harsh weather conditions to corrosion and UV radiation.

Screen filters

Screen filters work well with inorganic matter such as silt and sand. They generally consist of a very fine stainless-steel mesh that traps particles. These filters are commonly cheaper to purchase than disc or media filters.

Disc filters

Disc filters are excellent on most types of contaminants. They consist of a number of grooved discs stacked on top of each other. This gives a three dimensional filtering effect which works very effectively on both sand and organic matter such as decaying weeds and algae.

Media (Sand) Filters

Media filters are suitable for both inorganic and organic contaminants. They are tanks filled with sand or gravel media. Water passes through the bed of media and particles are trapped. Media filters offer a much bigger surface area and as such can usually provide more effective filtration. Cleaning is achieved by reversing the flow of water through the tank to lift and separate the sand. Trapped contaminants are purged to waste as the water flows through.