Here at Irrigation Industries we specialise in the design, installation and servicing of Valley Centre Pivots to handle the full range of operating conditions that growers need. These include fixed pivots, centre pivots, single span spinner drives and single span engine drives.

Fixed Pivots

Valley centre pivotThe Valley Centre Pivot has long been recognised as the industry standard for meeting producer demands on all types of fields all over the world. Providing farmers with the best equipment to offer maximum irrigation efficiency. The Valley Centre Pivot is unmatched for reliability, durability and overall performance. From pivot point to last span, a Valley structure is engineered, constructed and field tested to handle the operating stresses your machines can experience.

The many control features that Valley provide have improved efficiency to meet modern irrigation demands.
Your crop is more valuable than ever and ensuring top yields on your entire field is the key.

Valley Centre Pivot

The Valley centre is the cornerstone of Valley’s product line. These centre pivots are the most common sight in mechanised agriculture today. These pivots, along with the rest of the Valley product line, use only the most reliable materials in the industry.

Single Span Spinner Drive

The Valley Spinner Drive is a great choice for producers with smaller fields. The Spinner can irrigate 2.2-6 hectares and is a wonderful solution for those with limited access to electricity. Driven by water pressure, this single span pivot can be fixed or towed from one field to another.

Single Span Engine Drive

Like the Spinner, the Single Span Engine Drive is another option for those with limited access to electricity. This requires a low water pressure, it also has the capability for it to be fixed or towable, making this diesel-powered engine ideal for fields 2.2-10 hectares.

Valley Centre Pivots

Irrigation Industries supplies and services Valley Centre Pivots in South Australia. Our service teams are qualified to service all brands of centre pivot irrigators. Breakdown service and genuine spare parts are available through us for ALL BRANDS of centre pivot.

Why choose a Valley Centre Pivot?

Valley machines continually and consistently outperform other brands in safety, durability and strength, giving growers the most valued irrigation products in the industry.

Since 1954, Valley Irrigation has been the most reliable irrigation equipment in the agricultural industry. Valley centre pivots and linears provide precise water, chemical, and fertiliser applications that improve crop yields, reduce labour costs, reduce runoff, and conserve water and energy. The Valley brand is known for having the most durable structures and the most advanced technologies, making it the first choice of growers wishing to increase the value of their land with irrigation equipment.

Valley have built their reputation by providing the most durable equipment in the market, and they have the certified test data to prove it. That's why 50% of centre pivots in use today are Valley pivots.

From pivot point to last span, a Valley® machine is engineered, constructed and field-tested to handle the operating stresses produced by rough terrain, deep furrows and long-span machines. It’s no wonder Valley pivots are the premium product in the industry and command the highest resale value.

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