bore constructionAs professionally licenced drillers we aspire to construct your bore with the goal of meeting or even exceeding the Australian national standards. Each of our experienced local employees understand the needs of your enquiry whilst considering the necessary geological and economic requirements.

The use of underground water is paramount in supporting any ventures made above ground, thanks to the filtration and natural purification processes that take place below ground, this water is highly valuable. With many remote and rural properties relying on bore water, proper installation that assures any possible inefficiencies such as pollution from sewage, fertilisers and toxic chemicals are eliminated is of high importance to us.

Currently 90% of all rainwater is being evaporated or used by plants, yet only 10% ends up in rivers and underground aquifers, meaning that the proper use of such is paramount in assuring the future success in its usage. The extraction of such water should be carefully monitored to ensure that it is not extracted faster than it can replenish and so that pollution is avoided.

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